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Interactive communication and 3D advertising

Any 3D model alone is just peace of visual communication, just that, but we are eager to build a timeline and interactivity to show what your product’s features are actually about in 4D.

3D/4D web based emulation

We offer best platforms in the world for 3D and 4D content for you page.

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3D/4D web based augmented reality

Whether your vision is to match colors or investigate object scale we offer high end Instant Tracking augmented reality with interactivity.

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3D/4D web based virtual reality

Our virtual reality solution is friendly with Google Cardboard so you client can simply launch it within their mobile device.

Georeference 3D/4D

During the process of digitalising objects, we can use precise GPS hardware to deliver a georeferencial 3D mesh, which will allow you to extract exact coordinates and distances of your object.


We can offer end to end solution for your e-shop idea. Inject it with augmented reality and 3D features and choose the most interoperable platform like: Squarespace, Opencart, WordPress and etc.