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Digitalisation of visible space

We will digitalise any existing object from a simple pen to areas as large as cities. The digitalisation is based on photogrammetry, which allows us to recreate the object in it’s natural environment and extreme precision.

3D reality mesh

We will capture any visible object and create it’s precise digital reproduction with it’s natural surroundings. A chair. A building. A city. Anything.

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3D models

We will integrate a 3D future object model in the current reality mesh, so you can preview how your project will look in reality.

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2D plans for engineering

When digitalising objects with distances precision, we will offer you to extract the created 3D reality mesh in to .dwg files, ready for work.

3D print / cnc

3D reality meshes have an ability to be 3D printed. Use it for your project’s mini model, or even get a 3D printed statue of yourself.


During the process of digitalising objects, we can use precise GPS hardware to deliver a georeferencial 3D mesh, which will allow you to extract exact coordinates and distances of your object.

All of our created 3D reality meshes can be uploaded to our servers for an online preview to anyone who has the link, on any device. Exploit this advantage to create powerful presentations, project portfolio, marketing material, or use it to improve the work flow.

Online visualisation


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