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Locus is the company that will help you to bring visual communication for your clients. Whether you have “.ifc” building model, 3D scan for a place or little product, manufacturer’s provided 3D content – we will wrap it in textures, animate it and program its interactivity so that communication would reach your clients imagination.




It can be visualized in City scale drone photogrammetrical reality mesh or in real phone camera context with augmented reality. Our platform’s browser visualization capacity is friendly with gigantic data and augmented reality, VR or MR can fulfill the project’s visualization in smaller segments.
Everything that we do is aimed at WEB launched app or viewer. Users can easily access information through a desktop or mobile device with the internet. Even our VR and MR functionality is based on Google Cardboard. So your client can simply jump into 3D spaces with a phone’s VR headset.
Locus’s goals are to inject web-based 3D advertising tools for anyone. Versatility is our main feature, whether you need visualization in global/local coordinates or simply emulated in the viewer, we have it. And now just that, animation and interactivity like changing texture or colors is also highly available.
We are looking forward to developing your visions of communication. Guarantee to silver line it the way you want it or get the best advice from advertisers.

Our vision