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Locus is the company that will help you to bring visual communication for your clients. Whether you have .ifc building model, 3D scan for a place or little product, manufacturer’s provided 3D content – we will wrap it textures, animate it and program its interactivity so that communication would reach your clients vision.


We will capture any visible object and create it’s precise digital reproduction with it’s natural surroundings. A chair. A building. A city. Anything.

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3D modeling

If your product does not have anything to start from we will build it from scratch or from scan.

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3D animation

When we have a finished 3D we can create visual communication with animation.

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3D rendering

Whatever comes along in the project we can build V-ray environment to support your vision.

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We offer Georeference for our visualization work. (We do not offer geodetic or cadastre work)

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Drone License from EUROUAS

Our company has a valid Pilot, an experienced drone operator for capturing 3D space.

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3D print / cnc

3D reality meshes have an ability to be 3D printed. Use it for your project’s mini model, or even get a 3D printed statue of yourself.

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