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We digitalize objects.
City scale.


The use of photogrammetry applies to various businesses across many industries. Although we will offer solutions to almost every business, we mainly focus on working with real estate, construction, and architecture industries, as there we build value the most.

Real estate

We will visualise your current or future projects in 3D with it’s natural surroundings.


We will create a 3D model of your construction site where you can extract distances, volumes, and coordinates.


We will integrate an architectural model in to any real-world place for an online preview.


We will create a model of yourself or your selected object, ready for a precise 3D print of online preview.

3D features in your Eshop with AR

Eshop creation and administration connecting Facebook business manager, Instagram and Google Ads with 3D product view in page and augmented reality via device camera.

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Digitalization of visible space

We will turn any visible object of any size in to digital 3D model, with up to 1mm precision.

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Online visualization

We will create an online preview of 3D object for your workflow or marketing material, accessible on any device.

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Global partnership

We aim to acquire business partners globally for long lasting and mutually successful business.

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Our projects are handled by experienced and certified professionals, finished to high quality, and delivered on time.

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Our projects

Maxima Car Park
Different types of automatic car park barriers preview for Maxima shop
View project
A visualisation of to be built luxurious residential apartments in the city center of Kaunas.
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Tauras Hill
3D model of Tauras Hill, showing how high the resolution can be if you zoom to a man sitting on the stairs
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